Wednesday, October 14, 2009


BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!

City of Mount Vernon Officials have been caught sleeping at the wheel again.  It appears that the video
that Helena R. Edwards created has caught the attention of city officials.Desperate to clean up the corruption and official misconduct surround this property, city officials gave the owner a deadline of Saturday October 17th, 2009 to demolish the property or else they would step in and do it for him and bill him for the work.  It seems someone has not been forthcoming with the community.  The job was shut down today October 14th, 2009 because asbestos has not been removed prior to demolition of the property.  Was there some underhanded money to be made?  Why is the City is such a rush all of a sudden?  Who is going to benefit from the demolition of this property?

It appears that The City of Mount Vernon does not care about the health concerns of Southside residents.   Was this asbestos overlooked intentionally or is this a reflection of the incompetence of the Clinton Young administration?  Stay tuned there is much more to this saga.

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  1. What os the problem with Police Officers making the money that they make. Everyday they go to work not knowing if they will come home. I don't see anyone writing articles about athletes making millions of dollars to sit on the bench and losing millions of dollars when they get suspended. Besides half of the people in Mt.Vernon don't even pay taxes. Maybe people should concentrate on how to help the police clean up the city and stop the kids from killing each other over colors and street corners. Maybe someone should write a article about all of the illegal rooming houses in the city. Maybe if you can fix that problem you can fix some of the crime in the city.


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