Thursday, October 22, 2009


Embattled DPW Commissioner has a mentality that he is above the law.  Mount Vernon Exposed earlier this month reported that Commissioner Horton has poured tens if not hundreds of thousands into the beautification of the sidewalks and public parks immediately surrounding his property.

Commissioner Horton was hired at a salary of $99,392 then immediately given a political affiliation raise which resulted in his salary being increased to $120,578. 
Apparently, his bloated salary at the expense of taxpayers is not enough money for him to maintain his day to day lifestyle.   

A search of tax records in the City of Mount Vernon has revealed that Commissioner Horton is severely delinquent with his tax payments to the City of Mount Vernon.  As of October 22, 2009 Horton owes $48,422.72. According to the Comptroller’s office there is no repayment agreement in place at this time. 

According to Westchester County Land Records, Commissioner Horton received 12 E. 3rd Street for $0.00 from American Caribbean Decorating on 4/26/2004. This address is also the corporate headquarters for Horton’s construction company Q.F.I.   Commissioner Horton’s tax liability on this property is $25,682.34
Commissioner Horton is also delinquent on his personal residence as well.  In July of 2009, Horton hosted a private affair at his residence that was attended by New York State Governor David Patterson.  Mount Vernon Exposed attempts to reach the Office of the Governor were unsuccessful.  His tax liability on this property is $22,740.38.

Taxpayers can come to the conclusion the Commissioner Horton is a severe liability to their livelihoods.  There should be outrage about Commissioner Horton’s display of arrogant behavior.  

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  1. MOunt Vernon is not like it use to be these people take these high paying position and bring down the community instead of building it up. What is going on with Mount Vernon. I use to be a resident of Mount Vernon but the more I read I feel so ashamed of the town I was born in.


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