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In times of turmoil and difficult economic times people often turn to their elected officials and clergy for leadership and hope to get them through the storm.  People seeking the help of these persons often take the advice given to them as gospel and truth.  

Mount Vernon Exposed™® begins its mini-series into the corrupt black pastors in the City of Mount Vernon.  This mini-series will explain how the leaders of the black churches are directly responsible for the decline in the quality of life in Mount Vernon, the failure of the Mount Vernon school system, and the increase in crime.  

There are approximately 435 churches in Mount Vernon. With this amount of churches in the City of Mount Vernon, one would think that the City of Mount Vernon should be holier than thou.  However, this is not the case.  The City of Mount Vernon is a municipal mess of corruption.  The preachers of the largest religious institutions in Mount Vernon are nothing more than Sunday plate shakers and poverty pimps. 

In Mount Vernon it is a given African Americans in Mount Vernon make up the majority of the population.  This population serves as prey for the sharks and vultures also known as the preachers and poverty pimps.  One such poverty pimp and Sunday plate shaker is Rev. Dr. W. Franklyn Richardson, Pastor of Grace Baptist Church.  Pastor Richardson has become a permanent fixture in the City of Mount Vernon and has repeatedly injected himself into Mount Vernon politics. 

On a typical Sunday during service it customary for the worshippers to pay offerings or tithes to the religious establishments.  Tithes are normally calculated at 10% of one’s annual salary.  There have been allegations that worshippers of Pastor Richardson’s church had to show their tax returns to prove that they were in fact contributing 10% of their salary.   

Upon arriving at Grace Baptist Church on a Sunday Morning visitors are greeted by security personnel that mirror the image of Secret Service Agents.  Some of these security personnel are armed.  After all, Pastor Richardson must protect the loot that is funneled through his church each and every Sunday.  

You may ask yourself, “Why is it important that I show my tax returns to the church”?  You may also ask yourself “how does my pastor get paid or how is my pastor’s salary calculated?  Under normal circumstances the salary of a pastor is 10-15% of the annual intake of the religious institution.  For example if the religious establishment takes in $3 Million per year the pastor’s salary would be between $300,000 - $450-000 per year.  $3 Million per year is a very conservative number for a religious establishment such as Grace Baptist church. 

It has been alleged that Pastor Richardson controls over twenty entities directly and indirectly affiliated with Grace Baptist Church.  Some people question how did Pastor Richardson rise to power?  Pastor Richardson rose to power on the backs of poor blacks in the City of Mount Vernon.  Pastor Richardson is the ultimate poverty pimp. 

The City of Mount Vernon is not good enough for Pastor Richardson to live, but it is good enough for him to come to every Sunday to extract money from the city residents.   Pastor Richardson lives in a grand mansion in Scarsdale, New York and can often be seen get chauffeured around town in the latest model Mercedes-Benz.  Pastor Richardson usually gets the top of the line model and has the numbers of that model taken off.  One can guess that his reasoning for doing this is so that his followers do not become too envious of his material objects.  One can also say that Pastor Richardson idols these material possessions and is guilty himself of violating the gospel that he preaches every Sunday.  The first commandment states “You shall have no other Gods before me.”  It is evident that money makes Pastor Richardson’s world go round. Jesus would be he poorest in his church, not the richest.

Pastor Richardson is alleged to be the biggest shakedown artist in town and is reported to be involved in such crimes as racketeering, extortion, bribery, and tax evasion.  Pastor Richardson is alleged to receive cash filled envelopes from people with a not so perfect lifestyle on a regular basis. 

Pastor Richardson is the former President of the United Black Clergy of Westchester.  As President of the United Black Clergy of Westchester, Pastor Richardson surely enriched himself.   Pastor Richardson has a history of selling out blacks in Mount Vernon for his own personal gain.  Grace Baptist Church has developed tens of millions of dollars of affordable housing projects in Mount Vernon over the last decade.  In exchange for promising then gubnortorial candidate George Pataki the black, Pastor Richardson received millions of dollars from New York State to construct low income housing across the City of Mount Vernon.  This would be the beginning of Pastor Richardson’s racketeering operation.  

Pastor Richardson is aligned with many shady and corrupt characters.  When the dots are connected, Pastor Richardson may very well be behind bars.  It is surprising that he is still a free man.   In addition to the alleged multiple counts of racketeering, Pastor Richardson has injected himself in the world of Mount Vernon politics.  Mount Vernon Exposed™® will elaborate more on this in our next issue. 

Mount Vernon Exposed™® has learned that an organization has filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service seeking to have his tax exempt status revoked.  Pastor Richardson has and is still using his church as a political playground to promote the platforms of candidates that serve his interest.  Pastor Richardson is a cancer spreading throughout the community that will prove deadly if it is not stopped and eradicated.  

In the end, Pastor Richardson and the endorsement of the black pastor’s won’t mean a thing.  People are far more intelligent and have come to the conclusion that they have been bamboozled and hoodwinked for years by the above-mentioned institutions.  

The black community in Mount Vernon must pay attention to nonprofit groups endorsing the Mayoral candidates.  Such organizations should have a registered Political Action Committee with the New York State Board of Elections unless they are registered with the I.R.S as a 501(c) 4 nonprofit.  The public has a right to know who is funding these black pastor’s agenda.  Failure to register gives an impression that the pastors are being paid or promised lucrative development deals by the candidates for their endorsement.  One must ask the question why are only the black pastors endorsing candidates?  No other faith-based group has endorsed any candidate. 

It is fact that inference from the black pastor group has proved deadly for the black community.  Hundreds of young black men have murdered on the streets of Mount Vernon because of their actions, personal agendas, and political maneuvering.   For years the black pastors were telling the black community that the school board was no good and that the members were racist and failing our kids.  So a group got together led by Pastor Richardson and backed handpicked candidates that would further their agenda.  The black pastors were not interested in improving the schools but taking control of a budget, that at the time was $120 Million.  Today the budget is over $200 Million.  Where did the $80 Million go?  Today, the schools are no longer in the hands of the black pastors.  People have finally started to wake up.   

Children in the black community now have nowhere to go and now they roam the streets playing laser tag with one another, but the only thing is that they are playing with real guns with real bullets.  Voters, especially in the black community must question these black pastors and ask them what they stand to gain from endorsing School Board candidate Kevin Bunch?  

Black Ministers under an organization called CEPAA (Coalition for the Empowerment of People of African Ancestry) mounted a campaign to wrestle power away from The ICA. The ringleader of CEPAA was Grace Baptist Church pastor, W. Franklyn Richardson. Despite US laws against mixing politics and religion, preachers, in violation of their 501-C3 tax-exempt statuses, preached politics from the pulpit, urging people to come out and vote for their candidates. In May of 1997, with 11,547 voters casting their vote, CEPAA took control of the school board. The winning CEPAA candidates were, Frances W. Wynn, Carolyn V. Ben Reuben, Lynn C. Frazer-McBride, Gerald M. Coleman and the Rev. David D. Henry.

The 1997-98 budget was $95.9 million. CEPAA challenged the budget vote, which was defeated during the 1997 May election. In 1997 spending per pupil in the City of Mount Vernon was $9,383.45.  Today, spending has increased to almost $30,000 per pupil. Immediately following the school board election in 1997, CEPAA went to work, hiring “their” people to work in the school system, regardless of qualifications. Contracts were awarded to acquaintances, bonds were taken out and money went missing. People got rich off the backs of our children and taxpayers.

It was long after CEPAA put “their” people to work that taxpayers and children in the City of Mount Vernon would begin to feel the effects of CEPAA’s high taxing policies. Scores of children began to plummet academically, vocational schools were eliminated, students began to drop out in record numbers, and property taxes skyrocketed. Crime escalated to record numbers and our uneducated and unemployable youth ended up in jail. An entire generation was destroyed mostly African American children, due to the policies of CEPAA. 

Board Trustee, Dr. Serigne Gningue is one of the most educated board members in Mt Vernon history. By all accounts, he works well with his colleagues, and has been instrumental in the turnaround of the school district. When Mt Vernon Exposed reveals names, Dr. Gnigue will be shocked to find out the identities of the current and former board members, who are throwing him under the bus. Greedy, power hungry people who care nothing about children are targeting Dr. Gningue.

Today, a formal complaint was filed with the IRS, urging them to open up an investigation of several Churches in Mt Vernon.  They are in violation of their 501c3 status. This will include present and past violations of illegal electioneering. Join your fellow citizens who are fed up, and click on the IRS link below. Fill out and submit, IRS complaint form 13909. The more complaints, the faster the action.

Mt Vernon also urges the residents of Mt Vernon to contact the US Justice Department at (914) 993-1900. Lets demand that all past school bonds be investigated. We should not be spending a dime on the new bond while accused bond thieves are trying to wrestle control of the school board.  Enough is enough.

Most of the over 400 churches in Mt Vernon are honest, and care about the people of our city. However, their voices must be heard because a few bad apples are destroying an entire generation of children. Thanks to all the church members who have contacted Mount Vernon Exposed with information and expressing your outrage.

To be continued…….

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