Wednesday, May 4, 2016


Churches Plan to Steal The School Bond

It has been 14 years since Mount Vernon voters passed the ill fated $100 million bond. The 2002 bond was looted, and Longfellow Middle School and Grimes Elementary School were poorly constructed, and are now falling apart.

Prior to 1997, the Italian Community Association (ICA) had a strangle hold on the school board. Rev. Franklyn Richardson, of Grace Baptist church and a few other Ministers, who called themselves CEEPA, received a higher calling to rescue Mount Vernon from these bad Italians. CEEPA claimed black kids were being treated unfairly. The higher calling must not have been from God, because CEEPA destroyed Mt Vernon’s educational system. Under church control, Mt Vernon’s School District imploded, and more children went to jail than to college.

In 2002, Mount Vernon’s voters approved a $100 million bond. CEEPA’s board members eliminated oversite of the bond by terminating the buildings and grounds department, and money went missing.

The construction of Longfellow Middle School and Grimes Elementary School were performed with substandard materials, and left unfinished. Twelve years after their completion, these schools are a mess, and huge sums of money are needed to make necessary repairs.

Last November, Mount Vernon Exposed warned the citizens of Mount Vernon about voting for the proposed $108 million bond. The majority of the current board members have done a fantastic job, but bad people will never stay away while $108 million is floating around Mount Vernon.

Sources say that Rev Richardson and the United Black Clergy (UBC) have quietly positioned themselves to once again destroy the district. A relatively unknown person by the name of Kevin Bunch, decided to run for School Board Trustee in the upcoming May, 17th election. This appears to be a very innocent and noble decision by Mr. Bunch, until you peel back the top layer and unveil the sick truth. Kevin Bunch is being pushed to run by the UBC (formally known as CEEPA}

Sources say that UBC members calculate that a Bunch victory would tip the power of the board. This will allow them to control $108 million, which is slated to improve the school district. Sources close to the UBC have informed Mount Vernon Exposed, that they are targeting Trustee Dr. Serigne Gningue to be replaced by Bunch.

Comptroller Maureen Walker has turned her back on the citizens of Mount Vernon. She has been on the wrong side of the people of Mount Vernon the past few years. Walker has punished seniors, as well as struggling homeowners, by foreclosing on our most vurnalable citizens. Sources say Walker has made herself rich by wheeling and dealing properties she forecloses on, and sells them to friends for pennies on the dollar. Her resent action on the sale of the Mount Vernon Music School is shameful. Maureen Walker has single handedly destroyed Mount Vernon property values. Walker is also supporting the UBC and Bunch.

The Mount Vernon school system has made tremendous strides the past few years. Gone are the thuggish, uneducated board members, who were tied to thieves. Superintendent, Dr. Kenneth Hamilton and most of the current board members have been game changers for the district. Taxes have remained within the tax cap, the state has rewarded homeowners with refunds, and children are being educated. If left alone, the district’s future is bright.

Mount Vernon Exposed warned you about greed, and about passing a $108 million bond in Mount Vernon. Mount Vernon Exposed believes that if a full investigation of past bonds were performed, some of the clergy meddling in this election would be behind bars. Mount Vernon Exposed wants the UBC to stay out of the school district. If they are truly interested in helping children, they need to open their churches in the evenings to help keep children off the street.

The School Board voted in several safeguards to assure that this bond would be used appropriately. However, they did not take into account the sick disease called Mount Vernon corruption.

It is no secret that The Feds are looking into corruption in Mt Vernon. The biggest catch they can make, is investigating the thievery perpetrated on the children of Mount Vernon. It is time people go to jail for their crimes.

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