Wednesday, May 18, 2016


The UBC Goes Down In Defeat

The United Black Clergy (UBC) received a crushing defeat in yesterday’s school board election. Their Candidate, Kevin Bunch was strongly rejected by Mount Vernon voters. Adriane Saunders, Rosemarie Jarosz, and Dr. Serigne Gningue won re-election, and will serve another 3-year term.

There were winners and losers in the school board race


Bishop Collie Edwars and The UBC 

These bands of corrupt Ministers were rejected by the voters of Mount Vernon, as well as by members of their congregation. They destroyed the school district from 1997-2013 and tried to make a come back, and once again steal bond money. UBC President, Bishop Collie Edwars is out of touch with the issues. He and The UBC need to stay out of our school system.

Dorothea Miller, Charmaine Feron, and Omar McDowell

This trio of board members hitched their wagon to Ministers who are hell bent on destroying the district. They should resign. If not, next year this time, voters of Mount Vernon desperate for a better Mount Vernon, will vote them out of office.

Delia Farquharson

Ms. Farquharson also hitched her wagon to Corrupt Ministers. Voters want churches out of politics, and Ms. Farquson can’t seem to get that message. Voters will send her a message loud and clear, and reject Delia Farquharson’s bid for a City Council seat next year.

Maureen Walker

The winds of politics in Mount Vernon have changed. Maureen Walker is constantly on the wrong side of the will of the people of this city. Banding together with The UBC to bring down a very successful school board was a big mistake.

Crooked Contactors

Omar McDowell pitched shady contractors for bond contracts. Their hopes for a financial windfall by raiding the bond were dashed.

Kevin Bunch

Kevin does not understand politics, and needs a history lesson. The bad board members are up for re-election next year.


The Citizens of Mount Vernon

Changing the power of the board while a $108 million is floating around, would have buried Mount Vernon. Students and taxpayers are big winners today.

The Mount Vernon School District

Once an embarrassment, Mount Vernon’s school district received a big victory yesterday. With a great Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Hamilton, and a competent honest board, our district has a great future.

Rosemarie Jarosz, and Dr. Serigne Gningue

Bishop Collie Edwars made it very clear that the UBC was targeting Jarosz and Gningue. The voters rewarded them while punishing UBC candidate Kevin Bunch.

The New Movement

There is a very small group of people who want Mount Vernon to succeed. They know how to win elections and will be a force to contend with.

Congrats to Mount Vernon.

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