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We would like to welcome our readers back to our fifth issue in our series about Alan, our most successful and most read series to date.  Over the past few days Mount Vernon Exposed has been inundated with calls about the corruption in the courts and in the Westchester County District Attorney’s office.  Our readers have expressed concerns that they no longer have faith and trust in a judicial system that is racist, unjust, and corrupt. 

This past week we have brought you exclusive breaking news that you will see only on Mount Vernon Exposed.  We have exposed the conflicts of interests that lie within Westchester County and the 9th judicial led by Alan. We have also exposed the fixing of Grand Jury proceedings to give Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore the outcome she is seeking in cases of her gang of rogue police officers gunning down unarmed black men.  It was revealed by court personnel that Janet DiFiore, Susan Newman-Loehr, and Alan Scheinkman met at an undisclosed location to discuss pooling jurors from wealthy white affluent areas for the Chamberlain Grand Jury proceedings.

Mr. Chamberlain was gunned down by racist White Plains police officers in his own home.  It was discovered that one of the police officers said “OPEN THE DOOR NIGGER WE HAVE TO TALK”.   Many throughout the community were outraged but not surprised that Janet’s office was not able to get an indictment.  As the saying goes ” You can indict a ham sandwich”.  This saying means that based on the evidence that is presented to the Grand Jury you can get the outcome that you are seeking.  It is clear that Janet withheld evidence that would have resulted in an indictment.  A combination of the panel of racist white Grand Jurors from affluent areas in Westchester County and the withholding of key evidence resulted in the police officers not getting indicted.  Janet, Alan, and Susan Newman-Loehr gave the green light to White Plains Police Commissioner David Chong to “SHOOT DOWN MORE NIGGERS”.  

In order to understand the corruption that is permeating the 9th Judicial District, one must try to understand the mindset and look into the extracurricular activities of the elected officials committing the crimes.  

Elected officials and those in power tend to play by two different set of rules.  They begin to think that they are the law and that they are above the law.  For example, employees in the private sector must take drug tests before they are hired and some companies even do random drug testing to ensure compliance with the drug free workplace policy.  However elected officials and those that drink from the public till do not have to submit to drug testing.  They are free to engage in a lifestyle of Sex, Drugs, and Rock and Roll. 

Mount Vernon Exposed polled 100 people about the thoughts that a Judge could be addicted to narcotics.  All 100 people polled said no and that they wouldn’t believe a Judge would engage in that type of activity.  We then asked the same 100 people if they ever heard of Richard Baumgartner, they all said no.

Richard Baumgartner and Alan Scheinkman are cut from the same cloth and are two peas in a pod.  Richard Baumgartner is a former Knoxville, Tennessee Criminal Court Judge that was found guilty of official misconduct for his behavior on and off the bench.  Richard Baumgartner and Alan Scheinkman share the same similarities in their behavior on and off the bench. CLICK HERE TO READ THE RICHARD BAUMGARTNER STORY

Richard Baumgartner was addicted to painkillers that were prescribed to him for treatment of his chronic alcohol abuse.  When doctors no longer would write prescriptions for his habit, Richard Baumgartner turned to the people he put in jail to supply him the drugs.  Richard Baumgartner frequently had sex in his chambers with his supplier while court was in session on recess break.  

As a result of Richard Baumgartner’s conviction many of his cases have been set for new trials and some of the people he put in jail are now free.

Mount Vernon Exposed previously reported that Alan is not mentally fit to be a judge.  According to sources, Alan had a mental breakdown while he was the Westchester County Attorney.  It was also reported to Mount Vernon Exposed by an anonymous source that Alan was prescribed medication for his mental illness.  It is now alleged that Alan is addicted to these painkillers and obtains them in the same fraudulent manner as Richard Baumgartner.  

Every year, Alan and his wife Faith Miller host a lavish party at their home at 10 Puritan Road in Rye that is attended by several elected officials, and many of Alan’s co-workers who are also sitting Judges.  According to a source, Mount Vernon Exposed was told that this is nothing more than a sex filled boozing and drug orgy.  Alan also put his hand up his wife Faith Millers crotch in public in the presence of sitting Supreme Court judges.

After Alan’s mental breakdown, it is alleged that he became addicted to illegal narcotics, specifically cocaine.  According to the source, Alan, Faith Miller, sitting Supreme Court and County Court Judges, and others allegedly regularly sniff cocaine as a recreational sport.  It has even been reported that Alan uses drugs in chambers inbetween his calendar call. 
Prior to their marriage, sources confirmed to Mount Vernon Exposed that Alan and Faith Miller would engage in sexual activity in his chambers. Faith Miller would then go appear in front of other Judges in the same building. 

Alan’s behavior is not that of a sane, drug free person.  A sane person would not put their hand up their spouse’s crotch in public in front of other sitting judges.  

Currently in New York State, elected and appointed officials, including judges, do not have to submit to drug tests nor is being drug free a requirement for holding public office.  Public officials that handle billions and billions of taxpayer funds can be high as a kite while they are making laws or passing budgets that affect the lives of millions of New Yorkers.

Alan seems to embrace the criminal element; after all he is a criminal himself.  Just last month at the State of the County address, Alan was seen embracing and sitting next to Gordon Burrows, the disgraced Westchester County Legislator that was arrested with Timothy Cacace, brother of Westchester County Court Judge Susan Cacace, for snorting cocaine in an upstate Mobil gas station parking lot.  

It was alleged that Alan was able to get Burrows a deal by reaching out to the judge handling the case.  As a result of Alan’s interference, Burrows was able to avoid jail time by pleading guilty to a single count of disorderly conduct.  

Sources have told Mount Vernon Exposed that Alan had a lot to lose if Gordon went to jail.  It has been told to Mount Vernon Exposed that Alan and Burrows and other sitting judges, who we will reveal at a later date, all use the same cocaine supplier.  We must now ask the question; is Alan high on drugs when he renders decisions in the 9th Judicial District?

Mount Vernon Exposed has learned that a civil rights group is preparing to go to Federal Court to compel Alan to submit to a mental fitness test and also to a drug test. 
To be continued>>>>

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