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Corrupt Racist Alan Scheinkman
We would like to welcome our readers back to our third issue about Alan who has already become the top search item on Mount Vernon Exposed amassing a record 10,670 hits just this week alone.  Please keep the tips coming in.  At this point you should be very familiar with the sick and twisted mind of Alan Scheinkman, a certified racist, fraud, womanizer, and cheater.  It was recently reported that Alan put his hand up the crotch of his wife Faith Miller in public while in the presence of other sitting Supreme Court and County Judges.
It is becoming quite clear during our investigation that Alan does indeed have a mental problem and is a certified lunatic.  Alan is a failure and his erratic thinking has cost and still is costing New York State taxpayers millions of dollars per year.  

So far we have exposed the circle of corruption permeating the 9th judicial district.  Alan is the head of the criminal enterprise operating in the 9th judicial system.  He is assisted by Nancy Mangold, James Garfein, Jennifer Jaffe, J Marshall Mangold, Susan Newman Loehr, several Supreme Court judges and others.  We will expose each and every person that is part of this criminal enterprise over the next few weeks.  

Today we bring you another creepy character that is the glue that keeps the money machine cranking throughout Westchester County.  This shady figure is Susan Newman Loehr, wife of Westchester County Court Judge Gerald Loehr. Judge Loehr is also looking to advance in Alan crime family by seeking a New York State Supreme Court Judgeship. We will make sure that Judge Loehr’s mission ends before it even begins.

  It was previously reported that Alan took plenty of free trips to Anguilla with Supreme Court Judge Sam Walker, County Court Judge Gerald Loehr, and other sitting judges while discussing open cases.  It was also alleged that Alan and other Judges patronized prostitutes while on these excursions.  

Susan Newman Loehr is currently the Commissioner of Jurors and is handsomely compensated by taxpayers at an annual rate of $120,626.  Susan is responsible for getting jurors (including cases involving her husband) for the thousands of cases heard in Westchester County each year. 

Alan had a plan to rape the taxpayers of millions of dollars.  As the saying goes “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”.  Alan had no intentions of failing.  Alan was very instrumental in getting Susan appointed as the Commissioner of Jurors.  Susan’s appointment was political payback for favors owed to Susan’s husband, Judge Gerald Loehr.  Judge Loehr is Scheinkman’s hit man.  If Scheinkman wants to screw someone or wants to interrupt someone’s life with a biased ruling, he arranges to have the cases put in front of Gerald Loehr, another certified racist and a fraud.   We will report on Judge Loehr’s cases of impropriety in the next few days.  

While they were island hopping Alan would come up with the idea to appoint Susan as the Commissioner of Jurors.  The Commissioner of Jurors is appointed by the Jury Board that consists Alan, Judge Barbara Zambelli, and County Executive Robert Astorino.  Mount Vernon Exposed has obtained copies of the transcripts from the meeting appointing Susan as Commissioner of Jurors.  The testimony given by Alan is disturbing and reeks of corruption.  

Alan stated that during this meeting that there were over 70 applicants that applied for the position that was becoming vacant because the previous commissioner was retiring.  Alan also said that out of the 70 applicants that only one stood out and that was Susan Loehr. 

 Alan thought by putting Susan is charge of Jurors that would further his criminal enterprise.  Susan would pool jurors that would be favorable to Alan and others.  Alan is listed as presiding Judge of the Commercial Division, the division that hears commercial claims greater than $100,000.  

Susan’s high handed behavior didn’t end with her appointment as the Commissioner of Jurors. Before she was appointed the Commissioner of Jurors, Susan held the position of Principal Administrative Assistant for the 9th Judicial District.  Susan currently holds two positions and wants to get paid for them as well.  The Chief Administrative Judge of New York State disagrees and stripped Susan of receiving two paychecks.

Mount Vernon Exposed has obtained a copy of the lawsuit and it is attached to this story.  The contents are disturbing.  Susan wrote in court papers “At Judge Scheinkman’s request, I continue to perform the Human Resource functions of Principal Administrative Assistant for the 9th Judicial District.”  How does Susan sue the employer that pays her salary?  Susan too appears to be an individual that suffers from some sort of mental disorder, and taxpayers are the ones that will suffer from that mental disorder.  

Alan’s criminal enterprise is deeply rooted and is larger than La Costra Nostra.  Alan has no honor.  In fact he fully supports Susan is her lawsuit against the New York State Unified Court System.  Susan also wrote in court papers Indeed, the current District Administrative Judge expressed on the public record, at the meeting of the Westchester County Jury Board at which I was appointed Commissioner, that my service to the UCS has been exemplary. The minutes of that meeting are attached hereto as Exhibit B”.
Susan is a key figure in keeping the money flowing throughout Westchester County. She pools jurors from areas and neighborhoods that she thinks would return verdicts favorable to her fellow members of the Alan criminal syndicate.  
To Be Continued>>>>

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    My brother is about to lose his property in Yonkers. Scheinkman presided over his case and looked the other way when the plaintiff didn't have proper documents during discovery. He ordered his attorney to withdraw the subpoena he had filed to have the plaintiff provide the missing paperwork, all the Sovereign Bank records of his loan. Then, the Judge awarded the plaintiff a judgment against my brother.

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