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We hope our loyal readers had a wonderful and joyous Memorial Day weekend.  We are sorry to announce that we are interrupting our regularly scheduled series on Alan for a few days to bring you information about his partner in crime, the shameless, unethical, unscrupulous, Westchester County District Attorney Janet DiFiore. 

The corruption that was allowed to exist and that still exists today in Westchester County and the 9th Judicial district was made possible with criminal cover ups by Janet DiFiore and Alan Scheinkman.  Election fraud was not prosecuted by Janet’s office.  Instead Janet DiFiore chose to launch false investigations against those that wrote, investigated, and spoke about her corruption.  Janet even had the publisher of Mount Vernon Exposed, Samuel L. Rivers, arrested 3 times on bogus charges.  The oldest case nearly 3 years old, has yet to go to trial. Janet tried having the cases fixed to go in front of judges that were her friends.  Nearly 3 years and 6 judges later, taxpayers are still footing the nearly $1 Million legal bill to continue to maliciously prosecute Mr. Rivers.  We will provide details about Mr. Rivers’ cases at a later time.

Today we fast forward to Janet DiFiore and her legal career of which many years she spent as a professional criminal.  Today the New York Post reported that Janet is in hot water for helping her Jamaican housekeeper fraudulently obtain welfare benefits courtesy of Westchester County taxpayers. 

Now that you have read the New York Post story we would like to add a few things not mentioned in the New York Post Article.  Janet’s housekeeper Marina Buchanan was an illegal immigrant while she worked for Janet.  According to a close source, Janet and her husband Dennis Glazer hired Marina in 1987 and subjected Marina to long torturous hours similar to slaves working on a cotton field.  According to documents obtained by Mount Vernon Exposed, Marina submitted an application to Immigration authorities in 2007 stating that she was just entering the country and was being sponsored by Janet DiFiore and her husband.   Dennis Glazer, also an attorney notarized the application that was submitted to Immigration officials.

The plot thickens.  In addition to violating local and state law, Janet has violated Federal law and as such all documentation obtained by Mount Vernon Exposed has been forwarded to the proper Federal authorities for investigation. 

When Janet got wind of the investigation by The Department of Social Services, she sent her henchmen John George, a Senior ADA, to Kerry Oristano, Commissioner of Human Resources, to have the investigator, Dhyalma Vazquez fired.  Janet must now answer to Federal authorities.  Both Janet and her husband face disbarment and criminal charges relating to money laundering, tax evasion, perjury, and election fraud.  A special jail should be built with the money Janet and her husband will have to repay to taxpayers.  These two sick individuals need to be housed in a jail all by themselves. 

Janet has been under fire for the past several years for her treatment of blacks after being gunned down by rogue white police officers.  Today we will prove that Janet is a racist which will hopefully explain her hatred of blacks that do not succumb to her demands.  Only the “Uncle Tom” Negro leaders are viewed as “good blacks” in the eyes of Janet DiFiore.  According to a source familiar with Janet and her criminal wrongdoings, Janet DiFiore often referred to her housekeeper as her “slave” and often made jokes at family dinners often in front of her “slave”.  When the “slave” spoke up for herself, Janet would say “What you have here is far better that what you would be doing in Jamaica.  Would you rather pick coconuts or clean the house of the most powerful couple in Westchester?.”  Janet would often tell Marina that her hard work would eventually pay off and in twenty years she would be sponsored to become a United States citizen.  20 years of slave labor in Janet’s mind = 20 years of a professional working in corporate America.  One could guess that Marina’s pension was her sponsorship by Janet and her husband.

Janet and her husband made good on her promise to sponsor Marina after she put in 20 years of hardworking “slave” labor.  Marina was also paid like a “slave”.  Marina often worked 12-18 hour days, 7 days a week and was paid $200.00 per week, which breaks down to approximately  $1.59 per hour. 

Some may wonder how Marina was suddenly approved for benefits after being denied year after year.  This was made possible by another “Uncle Tom” Negro Diane Atkins who was the former 1st Deputy Commissioner of Social Services and is now the Deputy Commissioner of Recreation for the City of Mount Vernon.  Atkins, a crook, was exposed for getting her daughter and/or niece taxpayer funded benefits to move to South Carolina and also assisted her cronies in their theft of taxpayer funds. 

The Journal New reported that Nashon Halevi, son of former Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee Chairwoman Serepher Halevi, obtained over $160K in taxpayer funded Broker fees while he was employed under the supervision of Diane Atkins.  He was later terminated because he failed to pass the required civil service exam.  Today, Nashon Halevi is back on the taxpayer payroll as an employee in the City of Mount Vernon Planning Department. Naomi Halevi, daughter, was indicted, arrested and plead guilty for illegally obtained section 8 benefits while she owned a spacious $1M home located at 10 California Road.  Serepher,  “The Queen of Election Fraud” is trying to make a comeback as the Chairwoman of the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee.   We will further explain this crook to crook connection in a later article. 

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