Friday, May 4, 2012


We would like to welcome our readers back to our fourth issue about Alan.  In previous issues about Alan, we spoke about his conflicts of interest in regards to his wife and former business partner and colleague, Faith Miller practicing in front of Judges that are personal friends of Alan.  These are the same judges that come over to Alan’s house for hot dogs, hamburgers, and pork and beans.  These are also the same judges that frequently provide Alan with free trips to exotic islands in exchange for favorable case loads and court assignments.  

It was also revealed that Alan was in the presence of sitting judges while putting his hand up his wife’s crotch at an event.  Alan also put into place a system that would allow him to stay on the golf course and cruise the waters in his sailboat while his gang heard his caseload.  Alan has destroyed the integrity of the entire judicial system in the State of New York.  Alan is the reason that the Officer Carelli from the White Plains department did not get indicted for gunning down an unarmed black man while his partner said “OPEN THE DOOR, WE HAVE TO TALK NIGGER”.  Alan fully supports this type of aggression against the black community.  

For those of you that are just tuning in, we are referring to the UNHONORABLE Judge Alan D. Scheinkman, Administrative Judge of the 9th Judicial District.  Mount Vernon Exposed would like to announce that we fully support the Chamberlain family and we will work tirelessly in the pursuit of justice until the officers that think that we are still in the segregated south are indicted and convicted of murder and civil rights violations.  

The African American community should not be surprised that the officer that murdered Mr. Chamberlain did not get indicted.  It is through the manipulation of the African American community by their “Uncle Tom” Negro leaders that these conditions are allowed to exist in the first place.  It was the Black Clergy that endorsed Janet DiFiore for Westchester County District.  These black pastors would then let Janet DiFiore who has a failed record of never prosecuting any officer when it comes to murdering or beating down a person of color, come into their church on Sunday morning and let Janet into the pulpit to speak to the thousands of people in attendance.  Janet would then give a speech about how much she has done in the community, programs she has instituted to combat domestic violence, and why you should allow her four more years to protect you because crime will go way up if she is not elected.

The blacks in attendance will then get duped into voting for a corrupt district attorney because the “Uncle Tom” pastor would validate Janet DiFiore.  The blacks would then think that Janet DiFiore is down for their cause because Janet came to their church and sat with their pastor, another black person.  However this in not the case.  In Janet’s mind she is thinking “give me four more years so my gang of officers can shoot down more niggers.”

The community should not be outraged that a White Plains Police officer called a black person a nigger.  Alan, Janet and White Plains Police Commissioner David Chong view black people as niggers.  If you do see them in public with black people stay as far away you can from those black people as they are the ones that sold you out in the first place.  Those are the “Uncle Toms” we are referring to from this point on. 

It is not the intention of Mount Vernon Exposed to divide the community.  We are not taking the position that all Caucasians are racist and we are not taking the position that all African Americans are racist.  However we are taking the position that justice should be color blind and free from the appearance of impropriety.  Justice is racist in Westchester County. Alan Scheinkman and Janet DiFiore are two racists individuals who share the same way of thinking.

With the assistance of Alan and Susan Newman Loehr, Commissioner of Jurors, Janet DiFiore got her a panel of jurors that would not indict the officers.  According to a source with knowledge of the Grand Jury proceedings, Janet, Alan and Susan Newman had a meeting to discuss where a jury pool would come from only after the news of the execution of Mr. Chamberlain made national headlines.  Mount Vernon Exposed was told that the jurors that heard the testimony were all from areas such as Bronxville, Pelham Manor, Harrison, Pleasantville, Rye, and Larchmont, all areas that are known for their aggressive racial profiling tactics against the Hispanic and African American community.  

Janet has pulled these tricks over and over again.  We saw this same movie with Officer Ridley and D.J. Henry.  Again Janet was assisted by Susan Newman Loehr and Alan Scheinkman in selecting jury pools from these areas.  Not until Alan Scheinkman and Susan Newman Loehr are removed from power will the African American community begin to receive equal protection under the law.  Whenever a black person is gunned down by a rogue police officer, they will continue to pool jurors from these same racist areas.  Janet and Alan know very well that pooling a jury from White Plains, Greenburgh, Yonkers, Peekskill, Mount Vernon, and New Rochelle would have brought an indictment against Officer Carelli.  

Shouldn’t a jury have been pooled from White Plains, the City where the officers work and get paid by the White Plains taxpayers? After all, all those accused of a crime deserve to be tried by a jury of their peers unless the peers of those involved in the execution of Mr. Chamberlain come from the above mentioned areas.   We challenge Janet DiFiore to prove Mount Vernon Exposed wrong by releasing the names of the jurors that heard the testimony.  We can almost be certain that is was stacked with racist rednecks and “uncle toms”.  

Susan Newman Loehr, wife of County Court Judge Gerald Loehr who is seeking election this year to the Supreme Court, is the Commissioner of Jurors for Westchester County.  She is responsible for pooling jurors on County Criminal and Supreme Court Civil Cases.  That is a lot of power for one person to have.  Alan, on a motion seconded by County Court Judge Barbara Zambelli, appointed Susan Newman Loehr as the Commissioner of Jurors.  Alan didn’t disclose publicly that he had a conflict of interest or even should have abstained himself from the matter because he took frequent trips to Anguilla with Judge Loehr and Judge Sam Walker.  Susan Newman Loehr is currently suing her employer, The New York State Unified Court System, because she wanted a $30,000 raise and wanted to be paid for two positions at the same time.  

The African American community must remove all trust, hope, and faith that they will ever receive justice in Westchester County while Alan is the Administrative Judge and Janet DiFiore is the District Attorney.  The justice system in Westchester County is nothing more than a patronage mill where people are shuffled illegally from position to position and the best felacio can get you a job as a judge’s secretary or Executive Director of the 9th Judicial District.  

The African American community must be even more foolish or suffer from the same mental illness as Alan if they think that their black pastor or “Uncle Tom” Negros leader will do something for them or stand with them in solidarity during a time of crisis.  Not one African American elected official expressed any outrage or came out publicly about the White Plains Police officer calling Mr. Chamberlain a “NIGGER”.  These “Uncle Tom” Negro leaders view their fellow African Americans as “Niggers” too. The “Uncle Tom” Negro leaders think that they are better than their fellow African American and feel that they have made it in life because they drive a fancy Mercedes or BMW convertible and they own a home. Unbeknownst to these “Uncle Tom” Negro leaders these same people that they think they are like and are part of “The Clique” will turn on them when everything hits the fan and will repossess their car and foreclose on their home when the going gets tough. 

The African American community must immediately cease putting trust in these “Uncle Tom” Negro leaders and start exploring different options and maybe put trust in people or organizations that may not look like them.  Trusting in those that look like them has gotten the African American community nowhere.  Job losses, high crime, poor health and failing schools are the results of the African American putting trust in the “Uncle Tom” Negro leaders who go shopping with Janet and smoke cigars and eat pork and beans with Alan.  Albert Einstein once said insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.  

However there does appear to be light at the end of the tunnel and there is hope for cleaning up the corruption in the 9th Judicial District.  Mount Vernon Exposed has learned that Chief Administrative Judge Hon. A. Gail Prudenti is aware of the corruption in the 9th Judicial and has made it a priority to clean it up.  We have sent correspondence regarding our investigation.  We will keep you posted on the response from Judge Prudenti’s office. 



  1. This was so well written and spot on. Of course a jury of your peers is what is just and appropriate, that would be a grand jury from White Plains N.Y. It's obvious the D.A is corrupt and picked jury members from affluent white areas.

  2. Please assist me - asap - is it true what I heard today - that Scheinkman is married to the inept and always bought off law guardian Faith Miller??????????


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