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We welcome our readers back to our sixth issue about Alan.  We thank you, our loyal and dedicated readers for making Mount Vernon Exposed the largest corruption reporting watchdog blog on the internet today.  You have also made Alan our most successful series ever.  To date our series on Alan has received over 17,000 hits.  We need your help to reach one million hits by July 1, 2012.  One million hits will sending a resounding message to the status quo that the taxpayers mean business and will no longer stand for the corruption, fraud, abuse, and injustice that Alan and gang of Klansman continue to engage in on a daily basis.  Alan has destroyed the integrity of the entire NYS Judicial Court system.

Mount Vernon Exposed has learned that Alan has officially gone crazy.  It has been reported to Mount Vernon Exposed that he is allegedly off of his medication that was prescribed to him right after his mental breakdown while he was County Attorney.  This can most likely be attributed to the strange, erratic, and standoffish behavior that Alan is displaying in the courts these past few days.  Alan fearing that he will get indicted by a Federal grand jury for his case fixing, kickbacks, and other shady dealings has begun to take steps to cover up his criminal activities.  

Just recently Alan was brought to public light for ordering three hit men from the Office of Court Administration and the Inspector General office to intimidate Hon. William Edwards of Mount Vernon City Court for exposing on public record Alan and others for attempting to fix cases in the Mount Vernon City Court.  We will provide details of the case fixing in a later issue.  It has also been reported to Mount Vernon Exposed that over $3M is missing from the Mount Vernon City Court.  When allegations of corruption were brought to Judge Edwards’s attention, Alan and his posse started to retaliate against Judge Edwards.  So we must ask Alan, where is the money?  Did he spend on his sailboat or did he use it in Anguilla as spending money when he was there with Judge Sam Walker and Judge Gerald Loehr?

Alan, Judge Seiden of Mount Vernon, Judge Gross of Mount Vernon, and Larry Darden, Chief Clerk of Mount Vernon, recently met to discuss filing a bogus complaint against Judge Edwards.  According to source familiar with the investigation the complainant is a court employee close to Alan.

Alan mental health issues have cost Westchester taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars.  Alan has appointed several unqualified individuals to various positions throughout the ninth judicial district.  Alan also appointed Susan Newman-Loehr with a supporting vote from Westchester County Court Judge Barbara Zambelli.  This gave Alan and Janet DiFiore that opportunity to rob Westchester blind all while gunning down unarmed black men by an elite band of rogue police officers.  When it comes time to prosecute the officers for their crimes, Susan Newman-Loehr will be sure to pool an all-white affluent jury from Pelham, Harrison, and Bronxville.  

The next character is Alan’s criminal syndicate is Nancy J. Barry.  Nancy Barry is Chief Clerk of the Westchester Supreme and County Courts taking in a whopping $118K per year.  Nancy’s co-workers describe her as a lazy failure that is hardly in the office.  As Chief Clerk, Nancy is responsible for managing all aspects of court operations and non-judicial case processing activities.  But when can Nancy find the time to do all of this when she spends most of her day organizing outings for Alan and his posse?  Nancy is also always on the golf course and frequently brags to co-workers that her son attends West Point.  One can be sure to guess that Nancy’s son is training to become a General in Alan’s army of criminals.  

Nancy is another one of Alan’s best and brightest that managed to circumvent NYS civil service law requirements.  Nancy did not take the test for her current position as required by law.  Some even question if Nancy, although an admitted attorney, can even pass the test.  

Nancy started her career with her law school buddy, Westchester County Court Judge Susan Cacace as her Principal Law Clerk. The two went to Pace Law together, and colleagues described them as close until they had a falling out.   Law clerks are responsible for researching case law that is used in the Judge’s written decision.  Sources said that Judge Cacace found Nancy incompetent and terminated her.  We applaud Judge Cacace for getting rid of such a useless burden on Westchester County taxpayers. Nancy would often cite wrong cases.  We can only imagine how many innocent people are in jail due to Nancy’s incompetence.   

Judge Francis Nicolai, another lazy, corrupt Judge, then took in Nancy as his principal law clerk after she was given an express ride to the unemployment office.  When Judge Nicolai retired and Alan took the reins, Alan made Nancy a Court Attorney Referee in the Mortgage Foreclosure Settlement Part.  Nancy benefited from Westchester homeowners losing their homes, as she was the one who conducted the auctions, some of which never made it to the courthouse steps because it is alleged that Nancy received hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes from investors looking to purchase these properties for pennies on the dollar.  Sources said Nancy then funneled the cash payments Alan who the divided the money with the appropriate personnel. Nancy was then appointed to Chief Clerk, where she remains today.  To be continued ><><><

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  1. Alan Scheinkman's new wife, Faith Miller is an attorney in White Plains often appointed by the court to be the law guardian for minors in a custody case. She is as crooked as her husband. She is not professionally respected by her peers but her connections in court give her a leg up on the opponents, especially when paired with an equally crooked John Guttridge. Anyone appearing in court against either of these too will no doubt loose as her husband is the administrative judge. Local attorneys often campaign for the judges and obviously the judge will favor that attorney in a hearing so investigate and know who you're up against!


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